Gradual speed change between waypoints

It will be great if you add speed acceleration feature between waypoint, for example at WayPiont#1 speed is 10 and WayPoint#2 speed is 40 … so the drone should gradually increase its speed from 10 to 40.

This can also be inhanced further, like how fast the speed changes from 10 to 40, slow, medium or immediately, like a user selected curve



How do I access it, how to setup?

If speed is 10 at way point 1, and 40 at way point 2 … the drone will remain going on 10 speed from waypoint 1 to 2

Are you sure this feature is available?

As usual, he is mistaken. What you describe is not available. Your request is valid for wanting gradual speed changes between waypoints just as is done with gradual heading changes.

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Thank you that’s exactly what I am looking for