Gps error(mini 2)

** I am in south korea and using mini 2.
I was flying outside and when the drone landed, I was right next to it. However, according to the map, I am far away from the drone and the home point is different. Due to this, I’m afraid to use follow me in case there is a problem with rth and gps. Is there a way to fix this?

It depends on which ‘Homepoint’ was off.

-The Homepoint recorded by the aircraft
-The position of the smart device (phone/controller)

Message you hear when the Homepoint of the aircraft is recorded:
“The homepoint has been updated, please check it on the map”

When you check both positions on the map, which is the correct one?

Most likely the position of your phone (controller) was off.
In that case the position accuracy of your phone is bad.

‘Follow Mode’ can only be executed when the location accuracy of your phone is within the bounderies you set in Litchi.

You can read the location accuracy of your phone off the ‘Follow screen’:

You can set the ‘Minimum Location Accuracy’ from within ‘Folow Mode’ can be executed in ‘AIRCRAFT Settings’:

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