GPS Accuracy on Drones, Phones and iPads

I fly a Mini 2, my first drone, bought about a month ago. I transitioned to the litchi app a week ago, because I wanted the additional features like waypoints and the various follow modes. Certain follow modes require GPS location services in the device connected to the RC, and I was curious about how accurate that information was. I fly with an iPhone 11, about three years old now.

I placed the connected drone on a certain spot on my driveway, which has stone lines arranged like a 3 Meter grid, and visible from within Google Maps. After connecting to some 18 GPS satellites, the drone icon placed itself on the map exactly right (within a Meter)–very impressive. Clearly the Mini 2 has a sophisticated GPS receiver, probably a dual frequency model, to get this kind of location accuracy.
I stood by the drone, and the blue dot that shows where the RC/iPhone thought it was danced around a bit, but was 5 Meters west of the drone icon, on the average, and it stayed there. The dancing was about 2 Meters, more or less, in random directions. I picked up the drone and walked 10 Meters north, and the drone tracked perfectly. So did the RC/iPhone, but it maintained the same bias to the west.

So my question to the community is, do other iPhone models, and Android phones, have similar location accuracies as mine? The test is easy to run in just a few minutes–no flying needed.

I would expect iPads that have GPS chips (cellular service models only) would have similar accuracy. My iPad has no GPS chip, but determines its location using WiFI, if so connected. Seems to have about a 30-60 Meter error with my home WiFi service. I was hoping that when I connected the iPad to a WiFi hotspot generated from my iPhone, that it would get the accuracy of the iPhone, but it did not. It still the same miserable 30-60 meter performance.

Just use android. Accuracy 2-3m

This article would seem to support both our observations. Table below is a sample of data from the article.

I tell you the meaning that I see in litchi

One question - to what extent does litchi and the mini2 drone (and even the standard DJI app/firmware/software) use my phone’s GPS? Frankly my phone GPS is somewhat dodgy but other than it getting my own location wrong a bit, is there a downside flying GPS-less on the phone side if the mini2 has its own?

Certain modes in Litchi depend on the GPS in your phone including Follow and Track when it is set to Mobile Device Orientation.

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Only ‘follow mode’ and ‘dynamic homepoint’ make use of the mobile device GPS, ‘track mode’ does not.

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I could imagine track, orbit modes need it, and perhaps the homepoint set/update functionality.
But the standard waypoint mode does not? Correct?

Only ‘follow mode’ and ‘dynamic homepoint’ make use of the mobile device GPS

How does Litchi know where the mobile device is when using the setting Mobile Device Orientation? Or is it only concerned with the direction the device is pointing?

There is NO such setting.