Google offline maps

I do alot of flying on remote BLM land with no cell service - is there a way to use offline Google maps ? It’s nice to be able to visually confirm my home point prior to take off.

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You may try to load the map at home in the Litchi app, just zoom in and out over the area you intend to fly and then don’t exit the Litchi App, and don’t remove it from Recent Apps on your Phone.
I haven’t tried this method yet in Litchi but I know it works in DJI Fly and DJI GO4


I have the same problem.
I plan some trips in remote landscapes (Peru Cordillera Huayhuash, Norway Dovrefjell) and there is no cell coverage.
But i am in doubt that it is useful to cache such great areas only with zooming in and out.
I will be really glad if there will be an way to cache maps for an greater area before the trip.

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