Google Maps or Apple Maps

I’ve been flying a mission that requires fairly close GPS accuracy to get through a gate at the start. I need to observe the DJI Mini 2 closely during that section. Sometimes it flys through the middle and other times it wants to fly through a bush or tree! Once past that section it has lots of space to run and I can relax for its return.
Consistency of its GPS is my question? I launch from the same spot, wait for a clear day, and no wind. How can I get better accuracy for its PERCEPTION of current location? Someone mentioned Apple Maps. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for using Apple Maps to improve mission accuracy over Google Maps?
Will that effect mission simulation tools?
I’ve tried recalibrating the compass before a flight but that didn’t help.
Any helpful suggestions would be welcome.
iPhone 11pro max also used.

Switching maps will make no difference. Consumer GPS is only accurate down to something like plus/minus 1 meter. Reflying the same mission never gets you the exact same path. I would not recommend trying to fly through an open gate using waypoints.

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Thanks for the info. Sometimes the GPS variation varies up to 15 meters which in open space isn’t a big deal. I have flown through this gate a dozen times with different variations after. It makes for a great visual entry for the missions. I stand just out of view ready to stop the mission until it’s safely through. The flylitchi app is great and I look forward to it getting even better!

Yes, that is right. Try to turn on the drone and see yourself and the drone on the map. Then turn the drone off and on again. Until both points are in the same position, usually 2-3 times, then complete the mission.

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Thanks for the tip. I have noticed the two points are not always in the same spot and never thought more about it. I will try that the on my next flight.

Yes exactly. The drone is only as wrong as its location is wrong when you first turn it on

The location information of both points on the map come fom 2 different devices, 1 from the smart device and the other from the drone, and therefore will never be exactly the same.

GPS accuracy is very important if you’re trying to photograph an object or fly around or close to something on a mission.

I know that. I usually shoot people or very small objects, the drone aims the camera correctly if you set up gps, as I wrote to you