Google Earth Pro import completely broken

I recently purchased the iOS app to be able to use waypoints with my Mini 2. I saw the tutorial on using Google Earth Pro and thought it’d be perfect for me. I followed the tutorial exactly, but when I import the KLM file to my Missions I get, “new - 1.800054447679253e+30m. | NaNs” with a view of the entire earth multiple times and yellow lines going everywhere.

To say I’m disappointed and frustrated is an understatement.

How can I fix this?



It is difficult to tell from your description but you must be doing something wrong. This feature does work (I just tested it).

  1. In Google Earth Pro select a series of “Add Placemark” that will represent your waypoints
  2. In Google Earth Pro select the folder containing these placemarks and choose “Save Place As…”
  3. In Google Earth Pro save as a kml file (not kmz)
  4. In Litchi’s Mission Hub import this kml file while selecting “Treat Views as Waypoints”

You will now see a waypoint mission in the Mission Hub.

If you are indeed following these steps, you will need to provide more detail on the steps you are taking.