Google Earth Pro Elevatiom

I’m testing Mission Hub and I export a simple 3d path with points at 30 meters, but in Google Earth preview they both show being at 234 meters. This happens no matter what the setting was in hub

Am I doing something wrong?

A few questions:

  • Have you loaded elevation data into Litchi’s Mission Hub?
  • How are you exporting from the Mission Hub? “Export as KML 3D Path”?
  • How are you determining elevation in Google Earth? You would need to do a simple calculation to get “above ground” altitude in GE.

I was doing it wrong, not checking the “Above Ground” box. The elevation where I am is 203 meters so checking Above Ground put me in the right place. The import to google looks correct now.

I’m planning a first mission over my neighborhood and we have some really tall trees - higher than the power lines - that I need to clear. i think 60 meters looks safe enough.

This doesn’t make sense. The image you included above shows a relatively flat area. Checking (or unchecking) the “Above Ground” option would have a minimal effect on the height of your flight path above ground.

I often fly in relatively flat areas. I don’t check the “Above Ground” option. Google Earth shows my missions at the expected height.

There is something about what you are doing that is not clear yet because Google Earth should be showing the correct height without having to check that option.

Unless I am mistaken, it takes into account the starting elevation which in my case is around 200 meters. It gets that from the elevation map from the Internet. When I check “Above Ground” it all works fine and I can even see, on longer missions, the path rising and falling in Google Earth because the root elevation changes slightly along the way.


If I uncheck those boxes, Google Earth shows the drone flying at 200+ meters.

Do you have Terrain checked in Google Earth Pro?


The height above ground of your first waypoint should not be affected by whether or not the “Above Ground” checkbox is checked.

Yes, that was checked by default I suppose. I’m probably doing something wrong but the end result looks ok now.