Google Earth export

Hello, if I export my flight route from Google Earth Pro as .kml and then import it into Litchi Missionhub, everything is shifted. What am I doing wrong?

I do 1 point as start then WP1 WP2 WP3 … export and then import in Litchi. The route is GPS shifted.

I have attached 2 screenshots. You can see it clearly there. When I import the WP from Google Earth into Litchi, they are in a different location in Litchi

What happens when you draw, export and import a Path (route)?

Furthermore, this mission would give an error because it exceeds the maximum distance of 4km between the homepoint (WP1) and any WP (WP3).

Search this forum for “DJI SDK Limits”.

When you import the KML, do not check ‘Treat views as waypoints’ then it should work fine. I just tested it myself and no shifting issues from GE Pro to Mission Hub

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J’ai déjà eu ce problème, c’est une mise à jour de Google Maps qui n’a pas encore été effectuée sur Litchi hub, donc il faut patienter ça va se faire

Thank you. It Run verry good now