Gimbal setting in Litchi

I need your help People. I just got Litchi and im not happy the video is not smooth at all. I dont see any Gimbal setting to keep it stable like on DJI Fly. I few about tn missions and they were all really bad videos. can even keep them. so i flew another 3 missions with the DJI fly app and they were perfect.

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Kevin, I suggest the use of Points of Interest along the waypoint route. Points of Interest (POI) are very useful when the flight path makes a curving change of direction, whereby the POI can be placed at the approximate center of each turn’s curvature, inside the turn.

This will enable the camera to focus on the same point on the ground even as the drone changes direction in a swooping turn. The footage obtained will become quite smooth and cinematic using this simple technique at every major change in direction.

Pay close attention to the camera’s orientation at each waypoint, and try to ensure there are no sudden changes in camera direction from one waypoint to the next. With a little practice working on smooth camera transitions, the resultant footage will definitely match and even improve upon the footage you can obtain with DJI Go or DJI Fly.

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Thank you very much ill try it out.

I’m not sure, but I believe you are asking about what has been discussed here:

Thank you Mad_Pup I appreciate it.