Gimbal pitch problem during waypoint mission

Thanks for the update, Stefano. I’m glad it worked. My guess would be that the firmware update (as @TriBar suggested) fixed the problem. Let us know if the larger, original mission also works now.

I have a New DJI Air2s and had the same problem. Found out that my WIFI would not connect to DJI for an update. It never said that it did not update when I tried it. Found that I could use my Phone WIFI and updated the Firmware, Works great not. Software MUST BE UP TO DATE

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I was also supposed to write about the problem with the gimbal during the mission, but I can already see this discussion thread.
Mavic 2 Zoom drone, the latest fimwrare. I have already completed many missions. I set each WP separately manually, also the angle of inclination of the gimbal, each point has a soft curve, I also manually set the direction of the drone. Often the gimbal stays in the position from previous WPs and does not execute subsequent commands. I often have poor RC coverage then, or am completely disconnected. Shouldn’t a mission be fully loaded with all instructions before executing it?

I have had a big problem with this recently because I usually perform BVLOS missions at rather low altitudes. I also have the impression that I have not had these problems on older software before.

Regards Roger

When using a Mavic 2 Zoom and the IOS version of Litchi, the waypoint mission is completely uploaded to the drone except for the following:

  1. Gimbal pitch angles at each waypoint
  2. Custom speeds at each waypoint

If your drone flies out of controller signal range during a mission, the above two parameters will NOT be executed.

You did not mention whether you are using the Android or IOS version of Litchi. From your description, I would assume you are using the IOS version.


At the moment I have purchased and use the android version of Litchi. And so I wonder if the iOS version will bring me any additional benefits. I had to buy an apple tablet (although I hate this company) specifically for the Inspire, as there are a lot of problems on android with DJI GO and the flight range of the drone.

So I had a good suspicion that problems with setting the gimbal angle are always when I’m offline. So there is no cure for it?

BTW, I regret that the new DJI drones do not work on litchi, now I do not see any point in buying a Mavic 3 or Mini 3 Pro. How does your cooperation with Autel drones look like? I am already very fed up with DJI and their policies. Inspire 1.2 and Mavic 2 are my last drones from them.

Litchi’s “What’s New” page says this:

Android: Litchi for DJI Drones

Version 4.25.0 (July 4, 2022)

  • [DJI GO/older drone models only] added new setting ‘Enable DJI’s Gimbal Interpolation in Waypoint mode’ to allow gimbal pitch movements out of signal range

So, if you are using the Android version, there should be a setting that allows you to enable gimbal interpolation when out of signal range. I would check that.

There are some slight differences between the Android and IOS versions. The one mentioned above is a benefit of using the Android version.

I agree. Because of this, I currently have no interest in either the Mavic 3 or the Mini 3 Pro.

This is fantastic news, it is worth reading carefully the changes after the update sometimes. Lovely my movies will be perfect now. Thanks a lot for this tip!

I see that I have to buy another Mavic 2 drone as a spare because the new DJI products are useless to me. And of course ridiculously expensive.

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I see way point actions can’t be done when you set the path mode is curved turns. It is clearly shown in Manual.

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That is correct. However, it doesn’t have anything to do with the gimbal pitch changes mentioned above.