"Gimbal cannot receive MC data. Solution: Check the 8-pin plug that connects the damping plate and the drone. Ensure that none of the pins are loose." Code -1008

This is obviously a very specific solution/suggestion as it’s coming from my DJI Mini2 drone- however as much as I (tremendously) appreciate the extra info over DJI’s typically cryptic errors, including such a specific suggestion implies at least some familiarity of the configuration with this drone. There IS no 8 pin plug coming from the gimbal on the Mini 2. There is a hall effect sensor which is part of a ribbon, there is another ribbon with way more than 8 pins (actually split from the main ribbon) and there is that flexible bundle of wires, which (you guessed it) is way more than 8 conductors. So further elaboration or clarification of this error would be very handy.
Litchi v2.14.0