Getting smooth waypoint flights with my DJI Air 2


Long time ago I used to do Litchi way point missions with a DJI Air (1) drone. Beautiful smooth flights. Only the video resolution was limited to 1920x1080px.

The last days i reactivated my DJI air 2 and set up some waypoint flighs, but was very unimpressed with the results.

The video recordings were all shaky. The wonderfully slow and smooth recordings that I was used to with the old drone (Litchi with the old DJI Air) no longer exist.

Now I have 4K videos, but I can’t use them because of the instability/shaking and jitter.

What I have found in forums so far is that the Mavic Air 2 drone is no longer controlled via the DJI SDK, but via simulated joystick movements.

However, these are no longer as precise. Am I right about this?

And are there any alternatives to how I can carry out waypoint missions with my current drone?

I like the option of planning the flights with the Litchi Mission Hub, but unfortunately the videos from these missions are too shaky.

How do I manage to make nice waypoint flight videos again?

Maybe I’m completely wrong with my assumptions…

Thank you in advance

That’s not entirely correct, it still uses the SDK.

All Litchi compatible drones that use the DJI Fly app are controlled using VSC (Virtual Stick Commands), starting with the Mavic Mini in 2019.
VSC is implemented by DJI in their SDK for these drones.

The Mavic Air(1) is 4k capable.

Have a look at this thread: