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I’m new to all of this and actually won’t be able to fly for a good while due to the extremely low temperatures here where I am. In the interim, I’m looking over the software and Mission Hub and all that, which looks interesting.

Question: If I send a drone on a mission and it loses connection with the remote, does it finish the mission and RTH or immediately RTH?

Ignore. I should read before asking as that question has already been answered. Apologies for wasting your time.

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Depends on the drone and your settings.

Some drones allow you to set “finish the mission” as a setting. Others use “joystick mode” so can’t continue the mission unless they are connected to your controller.

Which drone do you have?

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I will be using a Mini SE.

Low temperatures aren’t always a problem. I’ve flown my Mini 2 at -25C (ground temperature), and found that the battery went down a bit more quickly (maybe 15 minutes instead of 20?), but that was far less limiting than being able to manipulate the RC sticks in thin gloves! My ultimate solution has been to start outside, but then move into my heated car. It can limit where I can fly, but in my rural location, it isn’t really a problem.