FULL SCREEN view to hide OSD

It would be great to have function of hide all info (OSD) …everything that shows on screen is many times stopping a clean video view of recorded scene. The app is excelent, data is excelent, just there is already so many info on screen, that makes clean view during the flight difficult.

having a option clean view or OSD data view makes in smart device screen recording the better option as screen recording the clean video. it can give to user already “sort of” video backup for safe or option to fast use low res videi without need to urgently download the material off card. (In some scenarious very usable).

This has to be one of the easiest features to implement. I was helping someone a few months ago, with a cheap little quadcopter and even IT had the ability to touch an icon and get the full screen view. If they can do it, certainly Litchi can. So many times when you need to see every detail of what is in front of you, and being able to swipe like in the DJI app, or click an icon to clear the screen would be GREAT! It would also be great if you are live streaming, so instead of the world seeing all the data, they could see just the view.


exactly, i don’t know why is so hard for Litchi
Many of us isn’t just drone pilot, instead a videographer!


This feature would be great, just like DJI Go4 has!
It is pretty easy to implement, just set the opacity of the widgets/layout group to 0% and done, then with another gesture set it back to 100%.


This would be great for capturing a low-res video (using screen recording) for quick and easy sharing. It’s a pain in the ass to have to download the huge video files from the SD-card just to share it with your friends and family on Facebook (where the quality is reduced anyway). Since Litchi doesn’t have any low-res video caching function (which the DJI Fly app has), this feature would hit two birds with one stone.