Front LED control on legacy Mavic Pro

Using Litchi for Android v4.26.2-g on a tablet with Android 7. The Mavic Pro firmware has not been updated in years, on purpose. I really don’t want to run the DJI software.

In order to use an added drop device that is triggered by monitoring the front LEDs, I need control of the front LEDs. The only way I’ve found that works is switching video recording on (LEDs go off) and off (LEDs go on).

There is a setting to assign “Front LEDs” to the C buttons. However, that does nothing when tried. Is there something else that needs to be enabled for this to work?

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The C-method will work when you turn off/deactivate ‘Head LEDs Auto Turn Off’ in GO4

All DJI firmware updates are boobytrapped so as to hog-tie older drones and emasculate them by methodical increment., Good to hear from a fellow Mavic 1 user who sees through the ploy and rejects all such Trojan horses from DJI.

Thank you but no thank you, DJI. It ain’t broke so I ain’t gonna “fix” it.

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This has NOTHING to do with firmware !
It’s a setting NOT available in Litchi, so it has to be turned off in GO4.
After that he can switch the Head LEDs on/off in Litchi with a C-button regardless if the camera is recording or not.

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But running the DJI software will require a firmware update. I remember one reason I didn’t want the DJI software was the WiFi requirement and the erroneous grounding it did because it thought I was within 5 miles of an airport.

This is exactly why I made the decision years ago to run Litchi only.

Now it appears Litchi is dependent on the DJI software to function as advertised.

This is getting off-topic but there is no DJI WiFi requirement to fly. You do have to be logged in to your DJI account on your flying device (which requires WiFi) but that can be done at home. Being geo-fenced results from the drone’s GPS coordinates and the flysafe database loaded into the drone, not WiFi. Geo-fencing will affect any flying software: DJI Fly or Litchi.

I fly using Litchi 95% of the time. Litchi is not dependent on DJI Fly or Go.

  1. “You have to be logged in to your DJI account” Exactly my point. Why? What if I can’t log in to my account from where I’m at?

2.“Being geo-fenced results from the drone’s GPS coordinates and the flysafe database loaded into the drone.” My drone has no database loaded into it, and I don’t want one. When I last tried it, it was wrong. I know where I’m at and current methods support that I was right at the time but the DJI method had me incorrectly grounded.

  1. “Litchi is not dependent on DJI Fly or Go.” It appears there is a Litchi setting/function that does not work UNLESS you first change something with the DJI software. That is being dependent on the DJI software, as I said.

I tested Yordie’s solution with my Mavic Pro and it works.
Looks like you have to make the choice of your life.