From Litchi App on iPhone to Litchi Pilot Beta on Android tablet

Hi everybody

I’m new here and I really would like to start using Litchi.
I have a DJI Mini 3 drone and my life not si easy

As far as I understand I cannot use the Litchi app on my iPhone to control the Mini3 while flying but i.e. I could use it to plan a flight with the waypoint feature and later transfer my plan to the Litchi Pilot app on my android tablet that is where I can also control the drone when flying.
Is this 100% correct?

Of course I could use the Litchi Pilot app for everything, and I agree 100%
But, because of my way of using the drone, I would like/need to plan a flight using the app on my iPhone.

A teh end of it all my question is: is there a way to test the iPhone app in order to check if it worth to me (due to my way of working with the mini3) to pay the fee for the license on the Apple App Store?
Is there any kind of free/trial period for the iOS app?
This way I could do my tests and would be able to evaluate if the fee is reasonably necessary in my experience.

Thanks for your help!

Litchi pilot isn’t available on iphones, this is because DJI decided not to to create an SDK for iOS

Thank you Martin this is totally clear to me.
I need to understand if i.e. I can transfer a flight waypont plan cretaed on my iPhone with the iOS litchi app to my Android Litchi Pilot that I installed on my lenovo Tabled

Hope I was able to explain more clearly my need/request
Thank you once more for your further comments!!!


There’s no difference between waypoint missions for Litchi and Litchi Pilot regardless iOS or Android.
Both use the same Litchi Hub.
As long as you use the same Litchi account on both devices and the Litchi Hub, the waypoint missions created in either the Litchi Hub, iOS device or Android device will synchronise between all of them.


Ok now totally clear to me now, thank you @TriBar

Both apps are using the Litchi Hub

You helped to shift my attention to the Hub and, since I can access it both from any pc at office/home/everywhere and also from the Android tablet I will be give up with flight planning on my iPhone aand save some money for the next drone

Anyone can tell me if Litchi’s choice not to develop anymore for some Apple systems is to be considered definitive/irremovable or not?


It’s NOT Litchi’s choice !

Read @Martin_Reading 's reply again.

Only DJI can tell you.