FPV goggles, Litchi, & iPhone

I have a cheap Moto e android phone dedicated to use for my drone. I want to buy Litchi to fly my Mavic Air with cheap FPV goggles that use a phone for the display. It is questionable if the Moto e will work with Litchi. I also have an iPhone that I can use IF I can find an extension cable to go from the iPhone to the Mavic Air controller. I tested the connection using DJI’s Go 4 app using a plain Apple lightening to USB type A cable to the USB type A connector on the bottom of the controller. That did not work.

How do I connect the iPhone to the left side port on the controller with an extension cable?


I have my iPhone connecting to the controller using a standard lightening cable. It looks like the system is kind of fussy as to the cable used. Some work, some don’t.


You have to unplug the original cable on the side of the RC in order to use the bottom USB-A port.

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