FPV goggles and waypoint question

Hey everyone.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for cheap FPV goggles to work with the Litchi split screen? I have the Dronemask for the DJI Fly app but I bloody love the fact you can control the gimbal with head movements. That is an awesome feature! I have read another post about asking for the FPV to be in single view, then we we can use Dronemask and also the ‘switch to phone camera’ view.

I have been on Amazon and read reviews but the cheapo goggles have such mixed reviews and I don’t want to spend even more money when the Dronemask is a good piece of kit! If you have a recommendation for a decent set then I’ll go on Ebay and look for secondhand ones.

Then… is it possible to set the camera to FPV whilst on a Waypoint mission? This is so I can get some cracking FPV cinematic footage without my shaky hands/joystick controls ruining it. I’m just starting so I haven’t sussed out all gimbal controls.

I love the autonomous control the Waypoints missions give you. Awesome stuff, especially after being in the military. I actually prefer flying autonomously to manually.

I have an Air 2.

Thanks guys.

Search results for 'user controlled' - Litchi Forum @Harpoon You can use FPV Mode with all Litchi functions. If you don’t see the Goggles Icon on the upper right hand side of the app, then tap the bottom right window and it will appear. You can control the drone and look around while using the goggles during a Waypoint mission by using the setting (UC) or User Controlled. This Link will take you to threads that have information on using this setting. After designing a mission, check it using the VLM and you can look around using the Google Earth controls (up, down. right and left ) in the upper right side of the screen. Since you are relying on the phone inserted into the goggles for your FPV view, medium quality box goggles should do, at least they work ok for me.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll look into that. Now I know the correct terminology that will help my searching.
Take care.

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I ordered a pair off of Amazon yesterday and should be here Thursday. I’ll follow up with you here on my thoughts.

@Harpoon picked up the DESTEK V5 VR goggles on Amazon for $30. It works with the Liichi FPV and works very well. I just need a longer cable for my phone to remote. Y axis even controls the camera!! Be sure to look at the sizes of the screens. I have an iPhone 13max so I need something that could support that, hence the V5. Good hunting!

Just found them on Amazon. Thanks. Have fun.

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@Harpoon what did you end up getting?