Following mode during mission?

Am I able to setup and fly a waypoint mission whilst the camera is always pointed towards the (moving) controller? Meanwhile the drone goes from waypoint to waypoint… Basically a moving POI.

What i am trying to accomplish is the drone flying above the river in a valley that is next to the road. I would be driving and i want the camera to point at the car/controller for the duration.

Another question and alternative is am i able to manually fly the drone while the camera stays locked onto the controller position?

and lastly, when the drone is flying a mission can i manually(slightly) adjust the drones positioning without interrupting the route? some points in my mission it gets a little too tight for comfort in GPS tolerances and adjustments might be needed to avoid a crash.

No (as far as I know)

Yes, that’s what FOCUS mode is for:


Awesome, thank you so much. Manual flying is probably the safest bet anyways as long as the camera stays where i want it.

Thanks again!