Follow Terrain not working with DJI Air2s no Altimeter data can you help?

I have the latest version of the litchi app for my iphone 15 pro max with IOS 17.4,1 the latest version. I cannot get the Follow Terrain to work for my DJI air2s does anyone else have any ideas to get this working? I was working great for my Mini2 but I sold the mini2 to purchase to dji air2s and now the altimeter does not work. See photos. I’m walking up and down 5 level of stairs and the drone does not follow the terrain.

The GPS Accuracy (47ft) & Altitmeter (0.0ft) values displayed onscreen are derived from your phone.

Meaning your phone is not detecting/measuring any height difference to send to your drone to follow.

This has nothing to do with Litchi nor your drone.

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Thanks for your input! The altimeter works fine with other apps like Relive when I use that app for mountain biking. The Relive app on my phone, is showing accurate GPS accuracy and altimeter values. However the Litchi app controlling my drone does not. This indicates that the issue is not with my phone’s capabilities but likely specific to the Litchi app or settings. Appreciate your help!