Follow mode-Terrain follow issue

Good day,

Yesterday I used follow mode for the first time on flat open ground. Since, eventually I want to use this in the mountains, I wanted to test the terrain follow function. I noticed the following:

  • The drone goes up and down by approx 2m, constantly
  • The gimball is also going up and down quite a lot

This result in very jerky video. When I turn off terrain follow mode, the framing and video is perfect. Is this a known issue? What can I do to prevent this?

P.S. I am using a galaxy S22 ultra.


Check your phone’s altitude reading, maybe when you raise it 20 centimeters, for a drone it’s 2 meters.

I check it, did a screen recording whilst it was in follow mode. It is stable when I am standing still, but as soon as I start cycling it jumps from -10 m to +10 m and anywhere in between. Is there a way to do altitude correction based on GPS? 1 m accuracy is more accurate than 20 m.