Follow Mode on sweeping turns riding MTB's

No matter which angle you shoot in, the drone is constantly trying to match that preset angle every single turn you make, and there are constant turns when riding mountain bikes quickly down a mountain. For example, in leash, the drone is constantly trying to get behind you on every single turn and it’s quite annoying and makes the footage kind of unpleasant to watch. Imagine a bunch of long sweeping turns, long enough to update the GPS location, and the drone ends up zigzaging down the mountain with you, but in a really harsh way. Why not add a smoothing function to the GPS following algorithm (adjustable in the follow settings), or increase the existing smoothing, and add a weight to the smoothing based on the degree of angle change. So for example, doing a bunch of long sweeping turns towards a fixed end point will not move the drone all that much (except keeping you in the center of frame), but a switchback will cause it to react faster (but slower than it currently is programmed to do but still center of frame). For reference I ride in the east coast Shenandoah and have to fly above the trees, so I’m set to 250ft altitude and max distance 300 some feet.

Looks like you are using ‘Heading Mode: Course’.
Try using ‘Heading Mode: North’.

@TriBar posted a good guide on Follow mode explaining the difference between these 2 modes in a graphical way:

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Yep I’ve tried that but that’s not what I’m looking for. Imagine the example figure 8 is ten times longer but the curves are sharper. The “North” heading works great when turning in the center of the figure 8, but then changes at the ends from tracking behind you to tracking in front of you, which I don’t want. Plus the scenery on the horizon will always be the same too, I’d like a random or generic sweep to get more imagery. Trails are not figure 8’s, so now imagine the return path of the figure 8 instead goes down to the bottom of your screen. Now the drone will track from the left of you instead of behind you. In some instances that is a nice idea to get different perspectives of your body and the backdrop, but that’s a very long distance for a bike traveling 15pmh for 10 min of flight time and very distracting to have to worry about trees and mountain sides the entire time.