Follow Mode is awesome! Here's a video of it following a car

I used a Mini2 and Litchi follow mode to film this video. It’s almost an hour long, so it’s actually multiple flights :slight_smile:

I’m impressed at how well follow mode kept up with the target. Whenever the car would go faster than the drone, it was able to keep it “in view” by just adjusting the gimbal. That’s when I’d tell the driver to slow down and let the drone catch up :slight_smile:

Litchi is one of the reasons I haven’t upgraded to a Mini3 yet :frowning:


Cool. Are you in the car? Trying to figure out how you could get so far from it :slight_smile:

Looks pretty remote in your neck of the woods!

Yes, I’m definitely in the car, and the phone GPS keeps updating my position, which Litchi uses to calculate where to point the drone (and gimbal).

I live in Fort McMurray, Alberta. It’s a small-ish city in Northern Canada. But this road in particular because there wasn’t much traffic on it, and I wouldn’t be paranoid about a drone falling out of the sky and causing a traffic accident.

The flight starts here: (switch to satellite view).

This is a residential neighbourhood. But quickly drives off into the wilderness along “Tower Road”

Wow! Great video! I also love the follow mode. The footage you can get is so incredible. Thanks Miguel!

Great video!

At what speed were you driving?

Great video! You had it set to follow the remote not the car I believe is that correct? Amazing putting all the videos together looks really good!

Yes that’s right. It uses the GPS from the phone to figure out where to point the drone. When we go around the bends you can see it’s not so smooth, as the GPS updates every few seconds.

We speed up and slow down. The mini2 can do about 30-40 km/hour depending on wind. So when I noticed the drone was being left behind, I’d ask the driver to slow down. That’s another reason we picked this road. Not much chance of annoying people by going real slow.

This is excellent! I have the Mini2 also and have been impressed. I need to go try this now.

What battery were you using?

Just the standard battery. It’s actually multiple flights (I think 4 or 5 flights in total). I edited out where I landed and replaced the battery.

Ah, that makes sense. I scrubbed through the video but did not find a cut in my quick search and the lighting and road stayed fairly similar.

There are some folks out there who added larger/external batteries to the Mini2, so I was curious if ya did something like that.

What is that big ‘ramp of dirt’ at 4:47? Garbage / landfill?

Snow :slight_smile:

Or more accurately— frozen rock-hard snow. This time of year it’s freezing and thawing and freezing. So our city removes it and stores it here to let it melt.

That’s what’s in the big truck you see at the beginning of the video.