Follow mode: GPS accuracy of phone OK, only for the first second, then 1.200+m

Hi there,
I’ve recently purchased the Litchi Fly app. Awesome software. The follow mode is not working for me however. When the mode is selected, the GPS accuracy of the phone shows in green (like 4m or so) and then jumps to > 1.200m! I do have location turned on, also location improvements (bluetooth, wifi, whatever that may do out in the woods). The thing is: the dot of the location is correct, only the accuracy is said to be so low (huge radius). But, the dot stays in the same location, so even though it might be inaccurate according to the Litchi app, the location is stable.

This is my setup:
DJI Mini 2, Litchi SETTINGS (v4.25.00g) (latest app from the Android Store), Samsung Galaxy S10.

There is no difference in behavior whether I’ve closed all background apps before starting Litchi, or whether running Google Maps in the background. When Google maps is ran in the background and switched to, it has an instant fix of the location.

I’ve already turned the phone up side down from what I am used to to have the GPS antenna face upwards. Which made no difference. Also moving the phone away from the remote controller of the DJI (to decrease possible signal interference) made no difference.

What can I do to resolve this?
Thank you kindly.

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Turn OFF Power saving mode on your phone to allow location checks in the background:

Thank you for your reply. Power saver is turned off. However, following your hint I’ve been reading up. Android 10 had a “Allow all the time” option for Location permissions available in the dialog popping up from the app itself. Since Android 11 this has changed. Now the user needs to manually go to these settings. I do see some apps int he “Allow all the time”, but Litchi is in the section “Allow only while in use”. The Litchi app is in use, of course, when I’m flying. So semantically I do not see a difference. But I will let you know if it does make a difference if Litchi is in the “Allow all the time” section. Now I have to figure out how to get it there…

Other applications have 4 options. With “Allow all the time” being the top most. The options for the Litchi app are only 3, limited to “Allow only while using the app”, “Ask every time” and “Deny”. Does the manifesto of the app actually request fine location and background access? Or how else would that option “Allow all the time” appear in that list?

Sorry, I can’t help you there.
My phone is on android 10.
I would try turning off location improvements. (I know from a youtube video that the new DJI RC controller automatically turns off wifi & bluetooth when connected to a drone).

When was the last time you did a calibration of the drone compass etc

Hi Martin, thank you for the reply. I had calibrated the compass several times since the start of using the Litchy Fly app. But it seemed to had no effect on the reported accuracy of the GPS fix from the phone.

ok, what about the phone compass, just covering bases

All answers are wrong.
I know exactly what you need to do. I have the same samsung s10 phone.

Hi Paxxa,
Thank you for the reply. None of the answers above are working for me indeed. How did you resolve the issue?

Since tribar and yordi are deleting my posts, I will send you a private message.

Someone fix this issue ?