Focus the camera on the remote control, smartphone or a point on the map.

It would be very cool to add the camera focus to the remote control, smartphone or a point on the map when using the waypoints function, I’m sure it’s not difficult to implement by analogy with follow mode.

That’s what POI’s (Point Of Interrest) are for.

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I chose this option, BUT it didn’t help, the drone’s camera was still looking towards the next point, not at me, I tried different ways, but they didn’t help.

In Mission Settings “Heading Mode” has to be “Custom (WD)”.
In Waypoint Settings for each waypoint:
-Set the appropriate POI number.
-Set “Gimbal Pitch” to “Interpolate”

and read the Online User Guide:

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You can use the “Focus” mode in manual flying.

Litchi has already promised to add such a poi feature - a mobile device. It will be grand.

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Just wondered how far off this feature is?

My use case is while cycling I want to set a waypoint path but for the camera to be pointed at me wherever I am, while the drone follows the path. So the POI is my controller which is continually changing position.

Combination of Waypoint and Focus.

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As far as I can see after the update, the function of focusing on a moving object of a dynamic point (a moving object, a controller, a smartphone) in the point flight mode has not been added, I don’t understand is it really that difficult or have the developers decided that the current functionality is quite enough? After all, you just need to “marry” the tracking mode (GPS) and fly by points

Is this feature done up?
It is really useful if one can set the waypoints, having the drone to follow a flight path, and at the same time having the camera to focus on the mobile device.
Good for cars shooting.