Focus the camera on the remote control, smartphone or a point on the map.

It would be very cool to add the camera focus to the remote control, smartphone or a point on the map when using the waypoints function, I’m sure it’s not difficult to implement by analogy with follow mode.

That’s what POI’s (Point Of Interrest) are for.

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I chose this option, BUT it didn’t help, the drone’s camera was still looking towards the next point, not at me, I tried different ways, but they didn’t help.

In Mission Settings “Heading Mode” has to be “Custom (WD)”.
In Waypoint Settings for each waypoint:
-Set the appropriate POI number.
-Set “Gimbal Pitch” to “Interpolate”

and read the Online User Guide:

You can use the “Focus” mode in manual flying.

Litchi has already promised to add such a poi feature - a mobile device. It will be grand.

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Just wondered how far off this feature is?

My use case is while cycling I want to set a waypoint path but for the camera to be pointed at me wherever I am, while the drone follows the path. So the POI is my controller which is continually changing position.

Combination of Waypoint and Focus.