FlyLitchi Request for height measurement and warning.

According to the DJI Mini 2 manual, the platform has a vision system as well as Infra red sensing system (p16).

These systems already do height measurements for stability.

Is it possible to add the following functions utilizing these functions:

  1. Display the height above ground when below 10m.

  2. Have a pre settable height warming indicator below 10m.

Irregular terrein and slopes will have an influence, but these function can improve safety when low flying, for instance when following a track on the ground and flying up a slope.


I’ve seen this question asked before (in another forum). The height above ground as determined by the VPS sensor can be seen in the flight logs. It only works from around 30 feet and under. It cannot be trusted over water.

Currently, DJI only uses the VPS sensor for horizontal stabilization (when under 30 feet) and for landing protection (when less than 3 feet from the ground).

I do not know if access to this data is available via the SDK, however, your request is valid and would provide a useful function.