Flylitchi for DJI RC Pro RemoteController (Mavic 3T)

I installed litchi on my RemoteContoller DJI RC Pro for my Mavic 3T Enterprise, corresponding to the instructions on DJI Monitors (Smart Controller, CrystalSky, Phantom 4 Screens) - Litchi . It should be compatible with RC Pro.
I disabled the autostart for the DJI Pilot 2 APP and will now use the litchi-App, but allways i call litchi, it tells me, that the drone isn’t connected to controller but they are connected. Has anyone the same problem?
On RC Pro and Drone there are the newest firmware-versions installed.

Force Stop any DJI App is required on the RC Pro.

I followed this instruction on the mentioned side for litchi installation but doesn’t help. I saw by starting the drone and running RC PRO and the litchi app, that a pop-up text in litchi tells that the IMU of the drohne is initializing but then…no connection and no camera-view. BTW, no other APP than Litchi is running on the RC PRO Controller.

This proves there IS a connection between the Drone and RC Pro.

In all cases I know off, no videofeed is the result of a DJI app still active in the background.

Yes, there is a connection to the drone during IMU initializing, but after successfull initializing the text in the pop-up says at first “no camera-view” and then “no connection between drone and controller”.
On the controller, ther is only the DJI Pilot 2-APP that i have removed from the autostart and i also made “forced stop”. There is no other DJI-App present and no other APP running before i start the litchi-APP.

The Mavic 3 series are not (yet) supported by Litchi.

OK dear “Yordie”, is a pity and i thought, that not could be a problem of the drone than the connection between litchi and controller. so i hope, that DJI provide the necessary library in next future. I need this new drone for our “roe fawn saving” and i have a lot of fields programmed in Litchi and payed for this APP, i now can’t use anymore together with the Mavic 3T Enterprise.
Thanks for your infos Yordie

Perhaps this may interrest/help you in the mean time:

Thanks a lot dr Yordie for your effort.
greetings from Switzerland

Gern geschehen, und jetzt Schwingen ?

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BTW, what kind of SDK’s do you need for your fine “Litchi”-APP?
I saw on the DJI SDK-Site that they have several SDK’s who support the Mavic 3 Enterprise-Series. (mobile-SDK, payload-SDK) →,
P.S. Bin kein Schwinger :rofl:

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I’m not affiliated with Litchi, but I think this is the place to watch:

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OK, but here i can read, that the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series and the RC Pro are supported. Or am i wrong? This is the official DJI mobile-SDK site.
On the product site there is written:
"### MSDK
Mobile SDK 5 simplifies the development of apps to control the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series. Mobile SDK 5 is fully open source and comes with production code samples of core DJI Pilot 2 modules."
So, all the same ist’s a pity, that litchi is’t working on these equipment.

They are.

And what I learned from the thread I linked in a previous post (Jun 21, 2013 6:05 pm), according to Dronelink Beta users there were/are still some problems/issues with the SDK.

Litchi is planning to release it’s first Beta in the next few weeks.

It will be a complete new app only supporting the equipment mentioned in the SDK v5 release notes.