Flight mode: Max yaw rate proportional to forward speed

If there were a flight mode for my drone in which the maximum yaw rate were proportinal to the forward speed instead of a constant, the exerience would be much more like driving a car or flying a airplane or even riding a bicycle all things I am very accostumed to and it seems like it would make it easier to follow terrain features. It also seems to me to be a natural POV for videos.

Anyone else think this is a worthwhile idea?

Does anyone know of any drone control software which implements this?

If the drone is travelling fast, you wouldn’t want a fast yaw for the camera,
it will make the video too jerky.

I’m thinking of it as an easily selected flight mode, i.e. don’t use it when it doesn’t do what you want, and, e.g. it’s useless when you want to pan from a stationary POV, or when you want to pan regardless of the path you’re following.

It’s the way a car steers. Think of a dash cam on a race car in a race.

To get the idea it also helps to think about when you might want slow yaw when going slow.

I’m thinking this would be a tool for a video of terrain following a path that might be close to terrain features like streams or canyons, etc. like an airplane flying close to terrain. Of course, this can be done with a constant max yaw rate but with a max yaw rate proportional to forward speed I bet it would be a lot easier, more natural.

As an extension of the idea, it might be handy to make the climb/descent rate/sensitivity/gain proportional to forward speed also in the same flight mode.