Flashing error maessage

When running a Pano I get the error - Settings parameters operation failed. (Code : -1007). I do get the images and can stich them in post processor, just wonder what that message means.
Thanks, Eldad

Most likely Litchi is trying to set a camera setting when you start the pano and it fails with this error. We’d need more details to debug the issue

What more details can I provide, and how do I get it?

Drone model, Drone firmware version, Litchi version, mobile device model+os version
Also which pano settings you use or if you use AutoPano

Using DJI Mavic pro 2; Ver 01.00.0770; litchi 2.10.1; iPad -mini 4 OS 15.1; I have run several Panos trying to figure out the setup. Started with the Auto Pano and then just several manual setups. I don’t recall when I noticed the flashing error as it was in very small letters.

Thanks! Eldad