First flight using Litchi for IOS and Mini SE

I’ve been waiting forever to retire my Spark, but never could because my SE didn’t work with Litchi….until now! Im happy to report that the new update works perfectly with my MiniSE. I tested the following modes in all three remote modes: FPV, VR, Waypoint, and Orbit. Everything performed perfectly and as expected.

Ill continue to test and let you know if I find any issues, but as of end of mission 1…results at 100/100.

Here’s a couple pics from a golf course several miles away from me using waypoint mode.


Thank you for your feedback David.

David, you said this was from several miles away. Did your controller lose connectivity with the Mini SE at that distance? If connectivity was lost, did the SE still follow the waypoint mission and automatically return to home?

DJI Fly drones will all end the mission when signal is lost.

The target was 1 mile away using waypoint missions. I set the drone to hover when connection was lost then drove to its location where it reconnected and completed the mission.