First Autonomous Flights With My DJI Mini 2 and Lichi - Success!

Finally I could create and fly autonomous with my DJI Mini 2 and Lichi. I prepared a rather simple mission in the Mission Hub (10 waypoints and one POI) and went on to the location to try it out. It worked flawlessly. After the first flight I realized that the single POI height was set to low and some of the waypoints was to close to the POI. I initially thought it would be cumbersome to make corrections in the field using the Lichi app on my iPhone X. To my surprise it was quite simple to make changes to both positions and heighth of the various waypoints (and POI) and then try the mission once more. I will be using Lichi for all my waypoint missions from now on and while I am waiting for the Dronelink app to come out of beta in order to do some mapping missions, which Lich doesn’t have at the moment, I will be quite happy using the Lichi app for now. A couple of points to remember: If the remote is set to a flightmode other than Normal, an error will pop up. Also if you have set the Lichi app to start capturing video once you start flying, it will restart the capture if the mission ends with “Hover in Place”. Other than that it all works beautifully and I am really looking forward to get to know the Lichi app better in order to make the most of my autonomous flights. Happy flying, everyone!


It was not an autonomous flight!! The drone was being controlled by your controller, and required constant communication back/forth … If you flew out of range of the controller the mission would stop … The ‘flight plan’ is stored in the controller, not the drone, and the controller issues commands to follow it. That’s not autonomous, where you could shut off the controller after starting a mission and the drone, using just on board info, flys the mission …

AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT IS NOT OFFERED W. ANY DJI DRONES THAT USE THE DJI FLY APP!! See my post today. Crazy they do not mention in the manual!!

Technically you are correct Doc, but just to play devil’s advocate, I suppose one could broaden the definition of “autonomous missions” to encompass those flown without any active control inputs from the pilot, even though “Virtual Sticks” does require an unbroken signal link with the controller.

@Tor Linberg I couldn’t agree more that there is a real sense of accomplishment that comes with watching a Litchi waypoint flight unfold precisely as intended. I am still in awe of Litchi’s capabilities, especially the way it enables even a mediocre pilot like me to simply tap the play button, and watch as the drone records buttery smooth cinematic footage with nice gentle panning shots that would be a challenge to replicate with manual control inputs.