Finishing a mission after signal lost

I’m curious to why or what the difference between say a mini and phantom as far as control is concerned . Question is why won’t the mini continue to carry out a way point mission after signal lost when a phantom does from what I hear .

DJI changed to VSC (virtual stick command) for the later drones, whereas the mission was uploaded to earlier drones

For a more detailed explanation, have a look at this topic:

I see so it would only need programming into software to keep a memory of mission inside of the drone itself or am I way off

Or as soon as signal is lost that’s it no way drone will do anything except for home hover or land?

That’s it.
With the release of the DJI Fly App (together with the Mini-1), DJI changed the way autonomous flight is executed.
In fact, it’s NOT real autonomous anymore.

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DJI never changed anything other then not including autonomous flights with their newer drones. App’s like Litchi, Dronlink and others just found a work around with virtual stick control from the SDK. If it was up to DJI they would rather you buy their enterprise drones where true autonomous flights is still possible.

Theoretically, litchi can send a new “home point” to the drone, with the coordinates of the last waypoint of the point, and then the drone can complete the mission. This is not the same as autonomous flight, but may work for some missions.

However, the home point can be moved on the phone screen during the mission