Finish Action "Reverse" Not Working

Hi everyone,

I’m using the most recent version of the great Litchi app with my Mavic 2 Pro drone, the regular controller and an iPad Mini 5.

In “Mission Settings” there is a “Reverse” option for “Finish Action”. However, when I choose it, the drone just hovers in place at the end of the mission.

The manual says

“Reverse” allows you to let the aircraft fly to the last waypoint and then replay the mission in reverse using the joysticks or the cruising speed slider.

But I am not sure what that means, why would I need the joysticks to re-fly the mission in reversed order?



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Because it’s setup this way, and you have to follow the instructions in the manual for it to work.

Thanks Tribar for the helpful reply! Can you tell me what I have to do once the drone hovers in place after finishing the mission? Have you tried the „Reverse“ option yourself?



When you controller is in Mode-2 you use the right stick to move the drone.
Yes I’ve used it many times.

I see, and then the Reverse mission starts?

In order for the mission to turn on reverse you must go into the settings and set the negative speed, or use the remote control.
To do this in the last wp you need a good connection with the drone.

It’s useless. Reverse is activated from a smartphone during a mission.

Use the Virtual Litchi Mission app that has reverse and other useful functions

I did not know that - please show how it is done on a mini 2