Fimi X8 Waypoint Missions with Litchi?

I own a 2020 model Fimi X8 quadcopter whose waypoint mission capabilities are mediocre compared to Litchi, and this got me wondering whether Xiaomi, the maker of the Fimi X8 drone, may at some point in the near future issue an SDK for the Fimi X8 that would enable Litchi to issue a waypoint capable version of its superb platform that would work with the Fimi X8.

The Fimi X8 is a very capable drone that can stay aloft for a good 25 minutes on a single charge of the flight battery so I dream of the day when a proper waypoint mission capability will be bestowed on this drone by Litchi. If anyone has any idea whether a marriage of this nature might happen, Iā€™d be grateful for any news morsels you can throw to this Fimi X8 owner who thus far has relegated the X8 to the role of a static conversation piece sitting on a shelf.

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Fimi X8 pro would be so nice to work with litchi.