Faster cruising speed?

The max speed allowed between waypoints is 33.6 mph; is there a way to make that 45mph?

Waypoint missions only work when the drone is in Normal Mode.
So it can only fly as fast as the maximum speed of your drone in Normal Mode.


If you hack the firmware and it will fly.

Does your drone fly faster than 33.6 mph in normal mode?

If it does make a suggestion

Yes, supposedly, 45mph - Mav Pro 2. Imagine if I had the FPV?! Lol….

I once saw the speed of the mini 2 60-64 km/ h. (the speed in the application and it was similar to the truth), for several tens of seconds, in follow mode, in this video (my test video). Follow mode Litchi, mini 2, Saint-Petersburg. Russia. - YouTube . I myself was driving at a speed of 45 to 70 km/h. I was pleasantly surprised by this. True, the drone was flying in the wind) and when I was driving back in the same mode, the drone could not fly faster than 30 km / h. and lagged behind, I had to significantly reduce the speed of the car.