Failure to Launch

I have a DJI Spark which will not launch. I am using an android phone, Pixel 2 XL with Android 11 OS.
Everything connects up okay and the camera view shows on my Pixel screen. No error messages are shown.
When I try to start the motors with the joysticks tilted in, the motors will not start. I cannot get the motors to start ever. If I instruct the Spark to takeoff using the icon on the Pixel screen, I get an error message which reads: Takeoff Failed. Undefined Error.
Any ideas?

Ahoj, skus urobit v DJI app kurz lietania podla navodu ktorí ti ukaže app.
Mne hodilo chybu 30064, nemohol som lietat videl som obraz z kamery celu telemetriu. Urobil som kurz lietania pustilo ma dalej.