exporting flight logs from Litchi to DJI Fly app

Hello all, I am a new user of Litchi and really surprised by the ease and possibilities Litchi offers.
I have a suggestion, though. Is it possible to enable flight logs from Litchi to be exported to the DJI Fly app? For those who use the two apps it would be nice to keep a complete flight log independent of the app used. As for myself, e.g., I use Litchi on my older smartphone so that I cannot be interrupted by incoming calls or messages when flying, but for some possibilties (e.g. previewing the video or pictures taken) I use my new smartphone with the DJI Fly app since that is not (yet?) possible with Litchi for the Mini 2.
I know it can be done using Airdata (as I do) but nevertheless it would be great to see it in one integrated file of the DJI Fly app.
Greetings from Belgium,

But if you use airdata it is all integrated in one app, whether you use DJI fly(I only use it for checking for and installing firmware updates), Litchi, Dronelink, Rainbow pro, etc, its all in the airdata app as well as being easily accessed via a web browser and tells you a lot more than the DJI logs