Exporting 360 parorama to pc

I have a Panorama, auto stitched together in the Litchi app, when viewed in the app its great, however when I try and export it, I just get a flat image, how do I export please, so I can still view it as a 360 panorama. Thanks all.

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Basicly a (stiched) panorama is a 2 dimensional picture.
The software you use to view it must be aware it is a panorama and have the ability to show it as such.

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Im also interested in what is the best cloud based platform to share 360s panos. There used to be a site called Hangar but I do not think its available anymore. I know DroneDeploy can host 360 panos if you are a customer.

SkyPixel.com has the option to upload 360 panaorama.

example (made with Litchi):

Will have to investigate that, cheers

Try Kuula.co (That’s the URL to their website. No “m”.

Here’s an example of something I posted recently.

Nicely done! what settings in Litchi Pano?