Explain on online elevation mission

Help me a bit with the online elevation in waypoint missions.
Any settings done in altitude using online elevations, they have to do with the specific waypoints every time ? the flight path between the waypoints will remain a straight line?

In other words, if between waypoint A (alt=100m) and B (alt=130m) , is a hill with higher altitude (i.e. 190m) , using online elevations will follow terrain or i have to add waypoints to follow the desired path ?

The online elevation sets the height from the drone down to the ground under
each waypoint.
For hills set waypoints much closer together.

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Not from the ground but from the takeoff point

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You can specify in the Litchi settings for each waypoint that the altitude is referenced EITHER to each successive waypoint elevation OR should be defined as being a height above the launch point’s elevation.

I found though, that Litchi’s altitude audio CALLOUTS which are issued every few seconds during waypoint flights are ALWAYS referenced to the launch point, REGARDLESS of whether or not the Litchi user specified the drone’s flight plan altitudes to be measured above each waypoint, or above the home point.


The drone does NOT scan/measure it’s height above groundlevel during flight to ascent/descent accordingly !!

You will have to add waypoints.

When “Above Ground” is selected, Litchi will automatically calculate the correct waypoint altitudes given the ground elevation at each waypoint, using the ground elevation at waypoint 1 as the reference. For the best results and because waypoint 1 is used as a reference, it is strongly advised to place waypoint 1 in a location close to where the drone will take off (i.e. similar ground elevation). This option requires internet as it uses the google elevation data which is only available online.


Altitude calculation will always be from the takeoff point

The on-line connection is necessary during the flight to make the height adjustments?

No. The Waypoint altitude adjustments are calculated when they are set and the mission is saved.

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