Error message on litchi for follow me

HI all
i have installed the litchi app on my andriod phone (sumsung galaxy a53)

I have tried to use the follow me mode but i keep on getting an error message about a poor gps signal…my drone flies ok and tracks multiple satellites …the return feature return to home works fine so the gps signal must be working fine…what am i missing ?

Oh so its the phone and not the drone…Jeez how do you get to track more satellites ?
Maybe have to look at the settings
but thanks for the info anyway

Thanks for the info will disable this and give it a try.
regards Neil

Tried this and the drone flew straight into a tree…so needless to say i wont try this agin :smile:

@Neil_P, with Follow Mode the drone is supposed to follow the Phone/Tablet and it’s GPS signal, so disabling Google Location Accuracy should not have hurt GPS signal strength. How did the drone fly into a tree? Possibly the most common way is for the drone to “Pan” to the side and while looking at the subject, flies sideways into a tree, since side sensors don’t exist on most DJI drones. You can “Disable Horizontal Movement” in the Follow Settings and this will help keep the drone either in Front or Behind you. Enabling “Follow Terrain” will ensure your drone doesn’t crash into the ground as elevation changes. Remember that Both Litchi and DJI advise being in an wide open area, especially if you are learning. Another thing to consider is “Signal Interference” and how certain places can cause strange behavior due to microwave links and other RF activities. Try a different location and see if that helps. Good Luck!!

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I have been studying both Panorama and Focus Mode with the Phantom Film School, and yes Focus Mode needs a strong GPS signal when it is set to Mobile Device instead of POI.

Hi steve

I think the drone went into the tree due to me not setting the parameters up correctly .

I also now use my old huawei pro 70 for litchi and it works fine…

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