Error: invalid rotation

I’ve converted a DJI flight log into a CSV and am trying to import it into a new Litchi mission.

I keep getting the following error:

Error: invalid rotation direction for waypoint 2 (0 for clockwise, 1 for counterclockwise)

Curious if anyone else has run into this? If so, how have you gotten around this? Trying to create a repeatable flight mission for a Mavic Air 2 from a DJI flight log.

How did you convert a DJI Flight Log into a CSV?

-The 6th column (or field) in a CSV contains the rotation direction and can only be 0 or 1.

-All columns must be seperated by a “,”.

A CSV-file is a plain text-file that can be opened/edited by any text editor or spreadsheet programm.

CSV-layout (columns/fields) created by the Mission Hub:

01 latitude,
02 longitude,
03 altitude(m),
04 heading(deg),
05 curvesiz(m),
06 rotationdir,
07 gimbalmode,
08 gimbalpitchangle,
09 actiontype1,
10 actionparam1,
11 actiontype2,
12 actionparam2,
13 actiontype3,
14 actionparam3,
15 actiontype4,
16 actionparam4,
17 actiontype5,
18 actionparam5,
19 actiontype6,
20 actionparam6,
21 actiontype7,
22 actionparam7,
23 actiontype8,
24 actionparam8,
25 actiontype9,
26 actionparam9,
27 actiontype10,
28 actionparam10,
29 actiontype11,
30 actionparam11,
31 actiontype12,
32 actionparam12,
33 actiontype13,
34 actionparam13,
35 actiontype14,
36 actionparam14,
37 actiontype15,
38 actionparam15,
39 altitudemode,
40 speed(m/s),
41 poi_latitude,
42 poi_longitude,
43 poi_altitude(m),
44 poi_altitudemode,
45 photo_timeinterval,
46 photo_distinterval

I used the tool here to upload the log and then re-download it as a CSV: DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help

I’ll check the data columns in the current CSV and compare with the values you’ve listed. Thank you!

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