Error in Litchi Pilot 1.0.0_BETA-dji Build 312

Hello dears,

Along with greetings and with the purpose of helping to improve the LITCHI PILOT application, I am attaching an error in the version. Litchi Pilot 1.0.0_BETA-dji Build 312

When I load a mission the map does not update automatically, if you move the screen after the mission has loaded the map is updated only there.

I attach screenshots

best regards

Can you tell us a bit more about which country you are flying in and also which hardware you use?

I use two cell phones and the problem happens on both

Samsung S23 ultra
Samsung S21 ultra

My country is Chile

We’ve replicated the issue and will try to fix it for the next beta build. Thanks!

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Should be fixed in build 321

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Excellent, im going to test it.

Now is working fine the map refresh.