Error - Could not find photo DJI_####.jpg on the drone's storage while attempting to stitch a high quality panoramat

So, I ran into this error after a long chain of tinkering. Firstly, my 64GB iPad mini 5 is inadequate and could not stitch a high-quality 360 panorama, only the low-quality one.

Then, I tried stitching the pictures from the “originals” folder using Lightroom and Photoshop. That would have been okay, but Litchi’s software does an amazing job covering the dead center of the tiny planet using the Nadir photo, which looks like a mess with my manual methods. I would get the nadir photo, paste it over the bad center, then clone stamp or heal in Photoshop. It just looks nowhere near the quality that Litchi can achieve. So, I got ahold of an iPad Pro and copied all the Litchi files over and it could stitch them in high-quality. That was great, except…

It only worked for the photos that I already downloaded from the aircraft to the iPad. My process is usually to get the photos off the SD card and onto my computer and format the card afterwards. This poses a problem in this instance. Is there a way to put the photos back on the SD card in a way that Litchi can download them and make those 360 panoramas? I thought it was a case-sensitive issue with the “.JPG”, but I changed them up and back and it didn’t fix the issue. I’m out of ideas at this point.

Do not know, if this helps, but I am running Hugin for stitching pictures with succes. However, I am using it in linux, but Hugin is also available for Windows. Never tested it in Windows, because I never had had Windows on my computers. Just give it a try.

Good luck


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Hi Hans,

Thanks for the reply. I can imagine Hugin works well on Linux because Linux uses resources more efficiently than Windows. On Windows, Hugin is very sluggish, though, I wasn’t sure if it stopped working a few times. It was far too slow to be a viable option.

I still do like your suggestion, though, because it made me try a few other programs and landed on one that works very swiftly on Windows and picks up the nadir photo (reason I was not satisfied with Photoshop/Lightroom). It is called Image Composite Editor (ICE) by Microsoft.

For anyone reading this and wants the download link, it is a discontinued project, but it does a great job and is faster than even Photoshop/Lightroom or even PTGui. This is the official Microsoft link stored on
Download Image Composite Editor (64 bit) from Official Microsoft Download Center

Airman Dan

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A great tool for stitching all sorts of panoramas

ICE is my “go to” stitcher as well. It does a good job on the 360 panos, and an excellent job of stitching planar images (series of shots in a row at the same altitude). I’ve never used anything other than the JPG & DNG files from the SD card as my source files.


You can use bimostich for android mobile device to stitch panoramas immediately after copying photos from gallery.