Enhanced Follow Mode - A following spiral orbit

I would like to see enhancements to the follow mode for more dramatic footage.

Example: Spiral orbit around hikers on a mountain ridge keeping the hikers (or a mountain bikers) which would go out of frame faster on the current simple orbit litchi does) near the center of the footage while panning around the hikers/mode. This mode could also follow terrain (altitude of the subject via barometer or GPS) and should have a user setting so the drone’s vantage point is at a steeper angle than the terrain to reduce the chance of contacting a tree or the ground.

Example (manually flown by Flow Motion Ariels) 0:50-0:54 (which is hyperlapsed) at https://vimeo.com/313596221#t=50 and 1:02 to 1:08 https://vimeo.com/313596221#t=62 (same video, different but similar enhanced follow)