End of mission default command

What is the default action at the end of a mission in Pilot at the moment?
Is it a RTH?
I cannot see an option to set this.

Thank you
Mini 3, RC-N1 and a pixel 5

So you also cannot see an option to set:
-Map Type
-Heading Mode
-Path Mode
-Crusing Speed
-Max Flight Speed
-Photo Capture Interval
-Deafault Curve Size
-Default Gimbal Pitch Mode
-Show Discover Missions
-Use Online Elevation

no: Map type, Path mode,Max flight speed,Show Discover missions & Use online elevation.
There is no option to choose end action: Hover, RTH, land etc.

I am just wondering what the drone will do at the end of a mission as I have no options.

I get those options in Litchi on the Mini SE but I’m not seeing them in the beta Pilot.

I just want to know what the default end of mission command is in Pilot.

Weird. If I use firefox I can see the full list of settings as Patrick.33 posted.

Problem gone, I’ll use Firefox.

Thank you for your help all.

The “end of mission” action is attached to the mission, not the app. If your mission is configured to RTH at the end, the drone should RTH if flown with either the Litchi app or the Litchi Pilot app.