Empty Battery .. and Flightplan


what happen on a flightplan, when battery is near empty?? RTH and after replace a new battery … going on the flightplan??


The drone is landing

Okay … … and the flight plan continues after the “restart”?

@bpa: you are wrong once again!

When the flight battery gets low, the drone will behave exactly the same like flying with the DJI App. RTH will initiate. When battery level gets below 10%, the drone will land.

When you start a mission you have the option to select a starting waypoint.

What is wrong?

I wrote

You can set the starting point next time

Depending on the speed of the waypoints, litchi will show you the flight time. You can create a mission to run out of battery

“The drone is landing”
You must have lost lots of drones if your drone always lands when battery level gets low instead of returning to the homepoint.

“You can set the starting point next time”
That’s exactly what I wrote, no need to repeat it.

“You can create a mission to run out of battery”
You will only run out of battery when you cancel the Automatic Low Battery safety RTH.

Well of course rth. The topic author already wrote this in his question. Why rewrite how rth works

You read inattentively

If the drone battery lasts 25 minutes, then you can create a mission for 20 minutes, depending on the speed. And then you shouldn’t worry about rth.