Emergency stop during waypoint mission?

When I saw my Mini 2 going straight for a building, I tried to stop the mission by moving the sticks…NOTHING! No clue why this was my first reaction, but wouldn’t it be a great feature to be able to verride any mission by moving the sticks? A was lucky the drone missed the roof by about 5cm, but it really freaked me out I coulnd’t get control over my drone. I had to find the tiny red square button to stop the mission to avoid crashing into the next roof…
Am I doing something wrong, or is this a feature that should me implemented?

To cancel a mission and regain control, just go into sport mode and then back to normal, you can also pause the flight as normal by pressing the pause button on the remote, or single pressing the fn button.

You can also pre fly missions in Google earth using virtual litchi mission of the Google Chrome plugin

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The litchi app also has a simulator.