Drone won't hover at intermediate waypoints

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I’m trying to get my drone to hover at each of several waypoints for 10 seconds. I create a mission with the waypoints and then set “Stay for” and enter ten seconds into the field for each waypoint.

However, the drone will only hover for ten seconds at the first waypoint. After that, the drone will just fly right through all the intermediate waypoints until it reaches the last one, and then it will just sit there until I take another action.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You should read the instructions

Have you got it set as a straight line mission

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Thanks, all.

I was able to resolve the issue. I needed to choose “Path Mode: Straight Lines” (see image). Then the drone hovered at each waypoint.

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You could not report it to us. This information is indicated in the instructions. And yet, every two days, new topics appear on the forum, with a message similar to yours and the same question.
It doesn’t seem to hurt to introduce a new rule for the forum, do not create new topics if you have not read similar ones, don’t you think so?

I looked through the forums to see if I could find the answer to my question, and I could not.

If there are lots of similar questions about this functionality, it suggests this is a design issue with the app. It’s not obvious at all why the drone ignores “Stay For” commands when a mission design involves curved paths between waypoints instead of straight lines. I’m not at all surprised that more than one person has been confused by that strange requirement.

Thanks for the help of the patient forum participants.

Have you seen the message in red?:wink:

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I don’t see that warning message on either the mission hub website or on my iPhone app. Maybe it only appears in the Android version of the app.

It is not a fault with the Litchi app.
On a curved turn, there is not an actual point to put the
stay for command.
The curved turns that are inserted makes the straight lines
into a continuous line.
If you want to use commands, you need straight lines which
have a defined end where you can attach commands.

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