Drone rotating during mission

when I start a created mission, the drone starts the path of the first point it goes in the right direction but the drone starts to rotate on the path, what could be happening?

I use mavic mini 2

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Welcome @Lucas_Loureiro
More than likely, you have your Mission Settings - Heading Mode set to Custom (WD).

This will cause your drone to slowly rotate toward the heading of the next waypoint.

If you want your drone to just fly straight along the path and not rotate, set it to Auto (TNW) which is ‘Toward Next Waypoint’

Check your settings and let us know what you find.


Yes, I keep on forgetting the meaning of the abbreviations on Site thus the reason I have printed the settings and keep it on my Drone Carry Bag

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I have also noticed that if we lose signal communication the Drone will also Stop. I experience that with my Air 2S. I have sent my Drone to DJI for the communication issue.

Two things are affecting the behavior of your drone(s). Both your Mini 2 and the Air 2S are VSC drones, with no capability to continue a mission if they lose signal.
In the settings:

  • Signal Lost Behavior: This defines the behavior of the aircraft if signal is lost; choose between “Hover”, “Landing” or “Return To Home”.
  • Exit Waypoint Mission on Signal Loss: When enabled, waypoint missions will end when signal is lost. When that happens, the drone will then execute the failsafe procedure (which can be changed with the “Signal Lost Behavior” setting). This setting cannot be changed for newer DJI drones (Mavic Mini 1, Mini 2, Mini SE, Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S) as they are not able to continue waypoint missions beyond signal range.

Yes, precisely, you are absolutely correct. Thank you