Drone need to be in F-mode stopping me from starting mission

When I try to start a mission get the Notice, “Controller needs to be in F-mode”. I try changing modes on the remote, but that does not help. Litchi won’t start the mission in any mode. Huge pain in the butt! I cycle the controller and the drone, and sometimes that works. Then I have to close out Litchi open the DJIGO4 app, fly 3ft up, land, close DJIGO4 then open litchi back up. Most of the time that has been working. I’m on a huge job, and this is not fun. Any help would be great. Thanks

Running Iphone 12 ios 16
Dji Mavic 2 pro

Any time you want to fly a Litchi mission, your remote must be in “P” (P-GPS) mode. This is referring to the switch on the right-hand side of the standard controller. If you are already flying a Litchi mission (in P-mode) and you change that switch to either S-mode or T-mode, the drone will immediately exit the waypoint mission. I’m not sure what F-mode is.

Thank you, that is the first thing I tried, and it did not work in any mode. P-mode is selected on the remote.

Are you saying that you are already in P-mode, then when pressing “Start” to fly a waypoint mission, you receive a pop-up notification in Litchi that says “Controller needs to be in F-mode”?

I have a Mavic 2 Zoom and fly using either an iPhone or iPad with the standard controller. I don’t believe I have ever seen that message.

I just tried flying a waypoint mission (M2Z, iPad) with the mode switch set to “S” (Sport). This is the error that was displayed after I pressed the “Start” icon:

Notice that Litchi shows that I am in Sport mode (at the top). Also notice that the error message instructs me to place the remote into “P” mode.

Is the error that you are receiving different from what I show?

Yes, I am using and iphone when it happens.

I receive the same message, but it tells me to use F-mode. If it helps, I am in the Dominican Republic on a job. I don’t think it really matters but thought I would throw it out there. Next time it happens I will take a picture. I did not realize it is not a common issue. Most likely I won’t be back on site till Monday.

Hello Mike, sorry about the problems you are having. From what I have read F Mode is the old P Mode. P Mode and NORMAL Mode are the same. Everything done with Litchi is in either Normal or P Mode now. If this is a new problem and everything worked fine before, then try reinstalling your apps and making sure that you have the most recent updates to all devices. Good Luck!!

I’ll give that a shot and keep you updated. Thanks

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If your version of Litchi is displaying “F-mode” I am wondering if your are up-to-date with your software and firmware. Latest version of Litchi is 2.14.2. Latest firmware for the M2P is 01.00.0770.

I just reinstalled the app so could not tell you what version I was using. The drone is up-to-date. (just double-checked) I’m really hoping your right, and I needed to update litchi. Thanks